Tuesday, March 29, 2005

How to feel really technologically challenged:

I woke up this morning at two a.m. and discovered Comcast internet wasn't working. A horrible, frightful thought...hours of early morning hours with no blogging...yikes! I physically reset the cable modem. Activity light flashing but still no web access. I reset the Vonage router. Still nothing.

Comcast must be doing scheduled maintanence, I thought (and prayed). I watched five rather boring hours of CNN news, but by seven a.m. I'd totally lost patience and was suffering severe internet withdrawal. Coffee and TV just wasn't doing it. I needed to call Comcast for a fix but my home phone was piggybacked on the internet and therefore useless. I went to a friend's house (I'm sure he was very pleased to see me banging on his front door at 7:30 a.m.). He let me in and pointed me to the coffee and the phone.

The nice service tech lady asked if I had physically shut down the modem AND the router at the same time. Doh! I walked back, shut both down then brought the modem up first then the router. Voila!

For good measure I kicked myself in the boot for not seeing this simple solution on my own.