Thursday, March 24, 2005

You get more news in five minutes

from radio than you'll see with hours of Cable News. Cable news is news on the cheap. Look at how they replay the same tired video clips over and over and over. Weeks and months go by (Iraq is a good example)...suddenly ancient film clips are dragged out of their musty storage bins and replayed again ad nauseum so you can have some eye candy and hopefully not pay too much attention to the shoddy nature of sounds bites you're hearing. But what the hell...this is cheaper than hiring and paying a film crew to actually shoot current video from the hot war zone.

When you combine cheap with've got a total news disaster. Terri Schiavo...for example...nonstop for days...the same clips nonstop for days. So when the MSM obsesses, droning on and on with pundit after pundit (on nearly a daily basis) the first question I ask is: What is the REAL news? It seems clear to me whatever other agenda items (hidden or otherwise) Cable News has...using twenty four hours to present as much national and international news as possible is NOT one of them.