Friday, April 22, 2005

Strangest medevacs I've seen...

1) Friendly fire from gasoline jerry can (see previous two posts). Never toss a burning gas can up and away from yourself. Nasty business.

2) Sneaky rat hides on Armored Personnel Carrier. Soldier climbs up. Rat bites soldier. Soldier flies away for rabies treatment.

3) While training in desert near sheep grazing country soldier discovers tick firmly attached to his extensible private part. Medevac chopper called. Female medic soldier arrives. Both soldiers fly away for treatment.

4) 45 caliber pistol. Soldier sleeps using flak vest as pillow. Newbie lieutenant cleans pistol. Pistol discharges. Bullet strikes flak vest. Soldier awakens. Fracas ensues. Lieutenant flies away for new assignment.