Thursday, March 24, 2005

Blog peeves...

I consider myself a normal blog surfer and here are some things which make me drive by in a big fat hurry!

1) Sites with (usually loud) uncontrollable music. If I wanted music, I'd turn the stereo on. Besides the baby sleeping next door doesn't appreciate it either. Some call unsolicited music free expression. I call it annoying.

2) Sites where style and design trump content. It should be obvious by looking at my site that geeky html pyrotechnics and professional style aren't my forte? Some call it style. I call it cosmetics.

3) Sites in a foreign language. Pretty simple. If I can't read it, there's no point in sticking around.

4) Sites with misspelled words and gross abuse of the English language. Some call this cool. I call it too close to George W. Bush.

I'd be curious what blog peeves others might have.