Monday, March 21, 2005

It's kinda sad

but the "animal corner" at Don's Den Tavern is no more. Hell...the tavern itself is no more...bankrupt...gone...and most of the mean hombres who hung out there, Nam combat vets all, the snarliest, most psychologically unbalanced, most genuinely macho bunch of drinking buddies I've ever shared suds with...are no more too. Time takes its toll.

Just a quick note to P.J. in heaven: A few of us are carrying on. Bobby J sends his regards. Big Bob says he promised not to rip any more bar doors off hinges. Big Rick has reduced his four day binges to only's hell getting old. And Little Jimmy is still wearing that funky cowboy hat, still cutting hair...on the days he ain't got the d.t.'s.

We miss you.