Friday, March 25, 2005

Remember when "going postal" was all the rage?

There is a commonly accepted myth that because we've all waved flags, put "support the troops" ribbons on our cars, had parades and prominently featured a few of our soldiers on MSNBC, we can repeat the Viet Nam war but NOT repeat the disastrous social effects which followed. Guess again. We see them here first. It's not a pretty sight sometimes. They pass through here in the hundreds and thousands on their way to YOUR community...cities and towns all over the country.

Prepare yourself people. They're bringing their war created baggage: rage and and depression and alcoholism and homelessness to a neighborhood near you. As if the national psych were not insane enough...what goes around, once again, will come around.

It's always puzzled me how we think we can brutalize our youth with the horrors of war and not reap the consequences.