Monday, April 25, 2005

Couldn't help but notice

Duncan, Raven ,Greg and the other ex-military ex-pats (ex-milipats???) were partying this weekend at an undisclosed location somewhere in Germany WITHOUT the girls. Nothing like a bachelor party to cleanse the mind and refresh the soul.

Reminds me of my own introduction to 151 Rum on Okinawa, the Fourth of July 1973. Jack and I left our wives home, bought a fifth and mozied to the seawall to consume said fire water and converse on miltary and strategic matters. For a spell the outing proceeded swimmingly. Firecrackers popped up and down the beach. A few fishing boats sailed by near the horizon...or maybe they were destroyers.

Jack announced he spotted a sea snake floating nearby...most of our rum was gone by then and our vision was waxing rapidly glaucomatic. The sea snake may have been a rope.

Jack then proclaimed we should drop our firecrackers over the wall to watch them flash bang before reaching the water...which is what we thought we did.

What we forgot, though, was to drop them before they exploded...resulting in bruises very hard to explain later to two dumbfounded wives. On the plus side, all our fingers were in tact and we felt no pain because we weren't feeling anything by then.

None of this was my fault though.