Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Pondering blogs,

blogging and blogexplosion this morning, I've evolved a fledgling strategy for managing and producing blogs:

1) Keep most posts short...one, maybe two, paragraphs. Readers zip in and zip out. If the latest (as in topmost) post stands out, they'll read a bit...but they will NOT read and read and read...paragraph after paragraph.

2) Accept the 30 second timer. Expect most visitors to keep half a mind on it. See the timer as a challenge. Work with it. Work within it. What can I get across in thirty seconds?

3) Dedicate blogexplosion time to "comments." Half my regular visitors resulted from comments left by me on THEIR sites (with my return URL included). The other half resulted from word of mouth or my email signature.

Oops. Already broke rule one.