Thursday, April 14, 2005

If what Scott Ritter says is true...

namely that Bush has already approved plans to prepare our military for an attack on Iran by June and IF John Bolton is confirmed as U.N. ambassador and IF Negroponte is confirmed as National Intelligence Chief...then brace yourselves for a wild summer. The stage is set.

Anti-Iran propaganda will escalate and startling new intelligence, via Negroponte, will be revealed scaring the crap out of most Americans. The U.S. government, via Bolton, will demand harsh U.N. sanctions...or else.

In the short term (and "by this summer" qualifies as short term with insufficient time to draft and train needed ground troops) a devastating "shock awe redux", timed appropriately for Fox news, seems the most likely scenario.

The part I don't get: We can bomb the hell out of the Iranian infrastructure, but how are we going to grab and hold Iranian natural resources WITHOUT ground troops?