Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The question of the day today

over at MSNBC is: Should troops ever be charged with murder during combat?

When I voted yes I was thinking of the My Lai Massacre where unarmed civilians in an entire village were systematically slaughtered. Evidently I'm out of synch with the mainstream on this: 71% voted NO and only 29% voted yes.

On further reflection I see the average Joe in combat, bullets flying, making snap life or death decisions, seeing carnage and wreaking carnage probably should not be second guessed. Yet it's simplistic to think a soldier might not go ballistic, lose all moral compass and step beyond acts of war to genocide or murder.

It's also a bit hypocritical to charge this young lieutenant with murder while letting the power crazed politicians who, despite protest the world over, invaded Iraq without just cause...to let these back-seat remf warriors completely slide.

Just one combat vet's opinion.