Tuesday, April 26, 2005

So I'm sitting on the front lawn

when two cats move smartly into the courtyard. Related cats?

The adolescent cat is following the much larger cat and keeping up quite nicely because the large cat has an ever so slight limp. I wonder how he got that?

What with birds everywhere...birds nesting...birds making passionate avian love...birds poppin' eggs and singing about it...I figured the cats were on a late morning bird hunt...like Thanksgiving in April.

Not so. The lead cat heads for a prominent bush, stops, gives me the once over as if to say, "Christ. A human. They're everywhere." then sprays this bush a magnificent male dominating super spray and turns abruptly about.

The adolescent cat arches its back, does a double flip about face and hightails it to the exit super cat in hot pursuit.

I sat a moment sipping my beer and thought, "Wow. This is better than reality tv."