Saturday, March 19, 2005

Our brand new recycle site at dawn.

So much for summer.

Today is the second anniversary of U.S. invasion of Poland Iraq.

In case you wonder why our soldiers are fighting and dying in Iraq, you should read this article: Secret U.S. Plans For Iraq's Oil. For the time being it seems Big Oil has beaten back the neo-con privatization scheme. OPEC quotas are not threatened while gas prices continue to climb.

But Iraq wasn't about the oil.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Why do women always want to fix warts?

To these creatures I've always been the jet ski passing their quiet, placid beach...too loud, too much turbulence...out of place...ah...but if Love were like a McDonald's drive-thru...I'd take a Big Mac and fries. No complications. Read the menu.

The toilet paper is really kleenex.

Early morning view from my front door.

Cold morning in Lakewood.

Retirement is a hell of a note.

I don't buy the old cliche

there's only two kinds of music y'all: Country and Western...but I'm watching VH1-Country lately. Don't tell my cultured friends!

An odd reaction...I found all those gorgeous music video bodies too perfect and teeth too white I switched from tv to stereo and listened to Pink Floyd. Phew!

Unknown tree starting its spring growth.

Who needs an Easter basket? Posted by Hello

On my mind this morning:

the front yard tree which has grown new leaves overnight, Randi Rhodes (the goddess of progressive talk radio) returning to the air after recuperating from surgery, Easter, spring, reconnecting with old friends...and breakfast.

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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Remember the pool tourney?

Well....our team won! In fact, despite my total ignorance of the game, I won my match also. Time to potato on the couch and admire my own ego :)
Rock on!!!

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), like AIDS is incurable

and kills by attacking the psyche's immune system. The hapless victim must live in constant, mortal fear that a contagion will sneak in and wreak havoc with a system already shredded by terror.

The story was...

this buddy of mine in Iraq was shot twice in the chest by his own snipers to prevent him from being kidnapped by Iraqi co-workers.

I asked if he was alive. Yep.

I asked if he was coming home. Nope.

Two things wrong with this gross exaggeration some civilians might not know...our snipers would never intentionally shoot their own people AND someone shot twice in the chest is hardly likely to live.

End of rumor.

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Under The Influence

How ironic! I find, up to a point, I do my best writing, writing freely, writing with power and fire, only after the self-critical strangling influence on my rational mind is weakened by the liberating influence of supposedly narcotic alcohol.

First Daffodils Posted by Hello


Some of the photos over at The Cloud Appreciation Society are simply spectacular. With God painting marvels like these in real time, all you need do is step outside and look up.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Tonight's Tortured Soul Posted by Hello

I need to be totally, absolutely NAKED

without embarrassing myself. My soul needs to scream with absolute abandon. I need to stand in the night, chest raised, eyes glaring at the moon...unafraid the stars will outnumber my fears.

I've got cheap booze...

and cheap music...but not love and certainly no caviare. Alone on this sofa, with the space heater whirring, with the sun setting just to spite me and with the chill sneaking in...I feel I haven't paid enough attention.

Talking To The Void

Well, I called one answer. I called another "friend"...I'm watching to you in the morning.
Guess what?...when morning comes...when the sun rises...suddenly I'll be self-sufficient, suddenly I won't need to talk.
Christ! Why do I waste my time?

Poetry is like God...

You can ignore it for awhile...but sooner or later the wheels start turning, the cosmos starts dancing...and then you must face the Judgement Seat.

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You're all invited...

to the ninth week pool matches at the Barbecue Inn in Lakewood tomorrow at 7 P.M. I fully expect thousands to arrive by whatever conveyances available...plane, train, pony express. Be sure to bring your pom-poms. And no fair rooting for the "other guys": Denny's Lost Cause.

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Progressive Acoustics?

Surf right on over to VH1-Country and watch the Duhks. Do it now. You won't be sorry. Their video "Mists of Down Below" is, in a word, haunting.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

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Friends Pretending It's Summer In March Posted by Hello

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Photo Blogging

Quite frankly I'm not sure how well photo blogging will work... but rather than sending masses of photos willy-nilly here and there, why not post some of them here? Less reduncancy.

BBQN Pool Area

View Of BBQN Dining Area From Bar Posted by Hello

Big Bob On BBQN Back Deck Posted by Hello