Tuesday, May 10, 2005

ROFL Department:

Oliver North of Iran/Contra fame (law breaker for patriotic reasons, convicted felon, etc. etc.) is reborn as a "fair and balanced" FOX news embedded "reporter" in Iraq (reporting this morning on the outstanding job our guys are doing against the "terrorists" on the Iraq/Syria border).

What's next? Poindexter as lead anchor?

Monday, May 09, 2005

"I hear you're writing a blob."

From this comment in a convenience store I deduce blogging hasn't yet gone entirely mainstream.

Blob, indeed! I gave up fountain pens years ago.

Yesterday someone who knows

the important things in my life much more than I do told me I am too connected. I don't need an internet connection, cell phone and home phone (since I'm never home). I replied, "You don't need that $2000 car you recently bought since you mainly drive it around town drunk waiting for a DUI citation."

So there.

I haven't been too lazy to blog....

I've been gathering new material and attending a community college course called Blogging & Spin 101. Just kidding. I was partying like a maniac.