Thursday, April 28, 2005

running and Beer Drinking: A Critical Comparison

First off let me say I am writing this while slurping a Beer. Try writing while running. Heh. Laptops are light for sure...but cumbersome nonetheless. Think road safety and all that.

running leads to bad ankles and knees. running encourages sciatica. Common causes are bad shoes, no warmup or overdoing it when you're sixty and haven't run for decades.

Beer Drinking (especially drinking professionally) leads to a bad liver. As with running, overdoing is a common problem. Good shoes don't help though.

running for long periods (12K or longer) sometimes results in an endorphin high.
Beer Drinking nearly always results in a high in an hour.

runners frequently race to be first. Prizes. Recognition. Money. It's the competition thing.

Beer Drinkers never race and usually strive for in last one standing. There's recognition with this but if you want prizes and money take up running.

running requires extra gadgets like jock straps, shorts, $300 breathable running jackets and headbands.
Beer Drinking, either as a hobby or professionally, requires none of these expensive, unnecessary accoutrements.

Beer Drinking requires no track.

I've reached my second Beer. It's best I stop now and concentrate on the race.